This is not just boxing ... It's much more!

It's not just hitting ... it's a complete physical activity where boxing movements are combined with functional exercises. No previous experience is needed ... only the spirit of going further. In summary:

  • Experience a rapid physical improvement: more control over your weight, an increase in your strength and endurance ... And, of course, say goodbye to stress blow by blow.
  • sessions of 55' minutes: you have to reserve your spot to ensure your work station. The only thing you will have to choose is how you want to start training, whether hitting or in the functional training area.
  • Remember that Jambox is an inclusive space: no matter how you are or where you come from, what matters is how far you want to go.

Put on your gloves and let's get started!

Full body

Full training sessions where exercises involving all parts of your body are worked on: Legs, abdomen and arms combined with punching training.

Lower Body

Sessions focused only on the lower extremities where exercises involving the muscles of the legs, quadriceps and buttocks are combined with punching exercises.

Upper Body

Sessions centered on the upper part of the body, trunk and arms combined with punching exercises.


Sessions focused on the technique of hitting and the main movements of boxing. It is important that you attend to improve your technique.

Personal training

Do you prefer a personal trainer to guide you and help you achieve your goals? At JAMBOX we have an excellent team of coaches that will help you achieve it.



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