What is Small Group Training?

Training sessions for small groups led by a specialist trainer.

The advantages of Small Group Training are:

  • It offers the chance to work towards specific goals with people who have the same goal as you.
  • Constant guidance and supervision from a professional trainer and fitness expert who will help participants safely achieve their goals according to their ability.
  • As it is a group session, interaction with the other participants that continues throughout the various sessions ensures optimal motivation and enjoyment.

We already run some established Small Group Training sessions, or you can sign up to a new session either individually, or with friends and/or work colleagues, who all want to work towards the same goal, regardless of ability.

Are you up for the challenge?

Small Group Training sessions may take place in the gym or anywhere in the club depending on the group, the aim of the session and the discretion of the professional trainer.

Most Small Group Training sessions are based around functional training led by the professional trainer, combining routines that just use the body with suspension training, medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, plyometric boxes, battle ropes and other apparatus.




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