Five days of yoga, with 100 workshops given by more than 50 instructors, many of them recognized internationally.

The Congress will be attended by internationally recognized professors such as Andrei Ram, Dov Vargas, Jordi Canela, Twee Merrigan, Celest Pereira and Yoshio Hama, among many others.

The first Global Yoga Congress, organized by YogaOne by DiR, will be held in Barcelona from May 18th to May 22nd. The Congress, that will take place between the YogaOne center and the Palau de Congressos center in Catalonia, will have 100 workshops given by more than 50 international and local instructors.

This is the first Global Congress held by YogaOne in Barcelona, following the Yoga Day success last year in which 1.300 people participated and after the large influx of students – 600 people – attended the nearly 40 courses and seminars that were given during 2016 at the YogaOne Tuset and the YogaOne Mandri centers. For Jordi Canela, the person in charge of YogaOne, this event “is the next step to grow and allow the yoga practice to be developed in Barcelona”.

The event has been created with a pedagogical vocation to favor the introduction to yoga, as well as to allow the participants to deepen their practice with the development of theoretical contents. It also aims to be a place where all the yogis in the world can meet and share their passion.

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  • Instructors from all over the world

The Congress will have professors from countries all around the world, such as, from Greece, Russia, Colombia, USA, Israel, London, Spain, etc. Some of the most recognized are: Andrei Ram, Dov Vargas, Jordi Canela, Twee Merrigan, Yiannis Andritsos, Yoshio Hama, Celest Pereira, Karina Sirkia and Amitai Cohen.

The list is completed with other names until reaching the 50 teachers that will participate in the Congress.

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  • Global Yoga Congress Program

The Global Yoga Congress Program is designed so that the attendees can deepen their knowledge of the different styles and practices related to yoga, with a clear commitment to personal growth.

There will be separate opening and closing sessions of the Congress, at the YogaOne Tuset and YogaOne Mandri centers, on May 18th and May 22nd. The opening will have the presence of Yiannis Andritsos and Twee Merrigan, while the closing will be done with Andrei Ram and Dov Vargas.

Different cultures will coexist, with different styles of yoga, during the 3 central days of the Congress, to be held at the Palau de Congressos in Catalonia. Specifically, 18 yoga styles will be taught in 5 simultaneous rooms, which will include physical, relaxing, mental development, breathing, and meditation practices, and devotional songs.

The program is completed with 5 concerts, by Ravi Ramoneda, among others. See the program here.

  • Tickets for the Global Yoga Congress

There are different options to choose from for those interested in attending this international meeting; the 5 Congress days, or the specific ticket for one day.

In addition, the first 300 registered in the full Congress form or of the 3 central days, will receive a free Dharma Yoga Wheel. This wheel was created by Dov Vargas; it allows making new postures that facilitate the yoga practice and it is one of the workshops that will be given during the Congress.

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  • The Challenge #yogawarriorchallenge by @yogaonebydir

At the same time as the celebration of the Congress, YogaOne has launched a challenge, for the international yogi community, to add the maximum amount of images in Instagram performing the posture of the warrior II, which represents courage, strength and confidence. The participants must challenge 3 people to continue with the #yogawarriorchallenge.

To date, nearly 200 people have accepted the challenge started by Jordi Canela, in which the Olympic athlete Ona Carbonell, the model Verónica Blume, the actor Ocatvi Pujades and the yogis Twee Merrigan, Elena Mouratidou, The Spaniard Yoga, among others, have also participated.

  • About YogaOne by DiR

YogaOne by DiR are 2 yoga studios, based in Barcelona, whose mission is to bring the yoga practice to the whole world. It is the largest Yoga studio in Southern Europe having a 1.000 m2 surface area, with 4 perfectly equipped rooms. More than 350 classes of different levels and styles (88 classes per week) are given, between the 2 centers, per month, taught by 27 teachers to over 1.500 subscribers.
In the training field, the YogaOne Barcelona course teachers license around 70 teachers every year and at present. In addition to the various training courses (200 and 500 hours), YogaOne has around 50 workshops, courses and retreats that are held throughout the year, for which more than 600 students registered in 2016.