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DiR Tarragona

Although it has all the services and amenities of a DiR, DiR Tarragona highlights for its huge fitness area of 700 m2  and for its water treated with ultraviolet light spa, thermal hammocks and outdoor stainless steel pool.

Just a minute away from Sants tain and bus station you will find this DiR for everyone. You can enjoy the best physiotherapy and osteopathy services, personal training and nutrition professionals and group classes for all of those who like rythm and sweating.

DiR Tarragona, easy access to the best communicated gym!

Tarragona, 108-110
08015 Barcelona
Tel. 93 226 50 59




  • Total gym area: 2,800 m2
  • Group classes studio: 2
  • Fitness area: 1
  • SpinDiR studio: 1
  • Free use of the Power Plate
  • Indoor Swimming pool: 17 meters
  • Main Spa
  • Steam room: 2
  • Dining space
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • System lockers: male and female changing rooms with lock system


  • Nutrition Service
  • Personal trainers
  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy
  • Laundry

Opening times

Laborables: de 6.45 de 22.45 h
Sábados: de 9 a 14.45 h
Domingos y festivos: de 9 a 14.45 h

Closing days: 25th of December

*30 minutes before closing doors, we’ll close the sport facilities and leisure areas. 

We have everything ready this 2017 for you to enjoy the best fitness !!

  • BalletFit NEW
    BalletFit, one of the latest trends in the USA and UK, blends the technique of classical dance with fitness. A 55-minute session combining stretching, toning and cardiovascular exercise, working with one's body, with piano music at the beginning and end of the session and musical Hits in the most intense parts. With the BalletFit you will get a modeling body, flexible and elegant.

  • Animal Fit NEW
    Train as an animal with new sessions of 25 minutes based on training with your own body, imitating animal movements. A very intense session in which you will work cardio, you will gain strength and mobility and activate your metabolism completely.

  • Join the Detox Plan NEW
    Ask for your nutrition service at your club and they will give you a free nutritional assessment with weight control and body composition, which will serve as a reference to mark your goals in 2017. In addition, they will give you the recommendations you need to get back on the Pace and recover from the excesses of the holiday season until February 28.

  • Small Group Training NEW
    Join the new training service in small groups and guided by an EP. You will pick up the pace, train according to your level and needs and you will feel more motivated by the group. Check Small Group Training sessions at your club.

  • Más sesiones Full Body Cycle
    Even if you are not a fan of the bike, this session will help you transform your body! Based on the high intensity interval training parameters, with the Full Body cycle you will burn calories and decrease the percentage of fat, you will get the body you want. The 45 minute session is intense and enjoyable, you will spend your time flying and you will feel that you have taken advantage of the training. Enjoy like never before your cycling sessions with the new illumination Systemthat changes with the rhythm of the music. An extra motivation that will make you give it all in every session.

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